ZZZ Prepaid WM 6

Multi-Jet Dry Dial Prepaid Cold Water Meters

  • MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) approved
  • Suitable for all world languages
  • IP68 protection class against external influences
  • Magnetic field protection
  • Electrostatic e/p powder painted
  • Reel time clock and date information
  • 2 separate lithium batteries for valve control and electronic card
  • 6 kg.cm2 high torque valve motor
  • Low battery warning and information icons
  • Measurement accuracy up to R160
  • Illuminated wide angle 84×48 pixel graphical LCD display
  • Suitable for drinking water up to 50 ° C
  • Detection of inappropriate interventions and self-protection
  • Lifetime service and 2 years warranty
  • Easily readable from mechanical and electronic display

For the variety of implementation conditions appropriate threaded connection unions, as well as special versions are available – individual water meters for manifold, valve, water meter unions and parts provide as optional devices.

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